Poppy Day Art Project

Posted by Carolyn Shepherd on

New people came along to the Poppy Team meet today. We got talking about other ways that art can evoke emotions and remembering memories, not just by looking at a visual image of a red poppy but also through sound, smell and multi-sensory experiences.

We talked about how we feel when we hear the bugle sounding The Last Post, and this led us to look at some symbols that feature in the musical notation.

We discovered a musical term 'fermata' which seemed to have a strong significance to the emotions we were talking about. Fermata is an instruction on a musical score for the bugle player to hold a note for as long as 'seems right'. This makes the music feel incredibly moving as the note hangs in the air and can still be heard in our minds after the sound has gradually faded. This also got us talking about the lovely words 'lest we forget' and 'we will remember them' and how that memory also fades as the cycle of life continues. In life we grieve for those who are lost, but there comes a time to gradually let emotions dissolve and the cycle of life continue anew.

We also talked about how the smell of woodsmoke can be evocative and pondered on the symbolism surrounding charred wood in terms of resurgence of life.  

The memory of this rousing aroma brought us back to reality as we realised time was marching on and we needed to cut and burn some wood for the Poppy Art Project, so we'd better get cracking!

Time flashed past as usual, but from this rather philosophical discussion flowed lots of ideas for art - far beyond the reach of the Poppy Art Project - that could inspire other artworks to work on into the future.  

If you'd like to join us we have a 'Cafe Creative' session every Thursday afternoon from 1pm so please pop in!