Poppy Day Art Project

Posted by Carolyn Shepherd on

Sunshiney day! Today's plan is to get the last two panels up onto the wall and make the final adjustments to the decorative pieces.  

Already people have noticed it's there so it would be nice to get it all finished ASAP so it can be seen properly. 

The Royal British Legion has decided to launch their Poppy Appeal at the artwork location which we think is a lovely acknowledgement of all the community spirit, ideas and hard work that people have put into making this temporary tribute to our brave service personnel. You can get your poppy on the day or from any of the local shops on the High Street.

This will be happening on Saturday October 29th at 2pm. The cadet band will be there playing music, some war time veteran heroes and poppy volunteers will be there too and they will be joined by members of the Northwich Business Improvement District who has provided the money from local businesses funds to pay the costs of making the artwork.

Special thanks also to Hinchliffe Homes for putting up with our drilling!