Poppy Day Art Project

Posted by Carolyn Shepherd on

A day of drilling today. One hundred and twenty eight holes in three different sizes. Very pleased a volunteer brought in a lovely lightweight drill. 

The day began with an emergency shopping trip for bits n bobs to the Builders Merchants where our Trade Account is taking some hammer - pardon the pun! 

Painting tasks today included sketching in the poppy stalks and adding the golden musical notations that make reference to The Last Post, and in particular the 'fermata' notation. Panels are now drying overnight and hopefully no final adjustments will be needed in the morning as we are all growing weary and are keen to see the project completed.

Poppy Team will reconvene tomorrow for the final tasks to fix on the mounting brackets before loading the panels into a van and installing them in Pocket Park. Hoping for nice weather and no surprises.