Poppy Day Art Project

Posted by Carolyn Shepherd on

Busy day today began with an early morning reappearance of the very kind person we met yesterday who had taken away the wood away to be charred.  We were relieved to see the finished result.  She had toasted the 16 small logs for us under cover of darkness in her barbecue.  Her neighbours must be intrigued. We were so pleased we had found someone to do this, as we were wondering where to find a friend with a flame thrower! 

The nice couple who called in yesterday, who we shamelessly roped into helping, also reappeared again this morning, this time brandishing a cordless drill which was a great help because ours had given up the ghost the other day, and we have a fair bit of drilling yet to finish. They also brought a saw and set about cutting and sanding the 32 blocks needed for the fixings, which they did outside in the Autumn sunshine chatting to passers by.  We felt a pang of guilt at involving our new found friends in such energetic activity but they said they'd just moved to Northwich and doing their bit for the community helped to make them feel more at home. So we showed our gratitude with plenty of tea.

Superstar volunteer Chris has put in another full day's work and kept smiling through all of the day's highs and lows.

At the end of a long day things are looking back on track. Backgrounds are complete, red poppy shapes are done, test holes are drilled for charred wood corner pieces and everything is stacked for drying. Still lots to do tomorrow but the end is in sight.