Poppy Day Art Project

Posted by Carolyn Shepherd on

Dementia Friends Art Group participants visited the gallery today and were inspired to paint poppies to become part of an online display & enjoyed getting involved in all the activity.

A kind person has offered to take the wood away for burning so fingers crossed it doesn't come back as ash, as the burning process is sometimes hard to control!

Random visitors to the gallery also found themselves roped into helping with the drilling and fixings, as we seized the opportunity to recruit any unsuspecting strangers to the merry band of helpers!

Although we had a full clear day with two people available to work all day, a string of unplanned interruptions slowed us down, so again the schedule is looking tight.

Some interesting unplanned paint effects were also achieved which we're not quite sure how to replicate, but after putting in a spurt of activity at the end of the day we might just be back on track. All the cutting and sticking is finished, first coat of primer is on all panels and tomorrow we might just be able to crack open the first tins of red paint at last. 

Big thanks go to one particular dedicated volunteer, Chris, who is an absolute angel and has really been putting in some hours.  She stays smiling all the while and even when the pressure's on she just goes with the flow!  Chris hasn't been to the studio before but after reading about it in the local paper she tells us she wanted to be involved in order to do something for Northwich and for such a good cause as Remembrance Day. We are just hoping that we don't wear her out altogether and that she will continue to enjoy visiting the studio once all the hard work is complete!